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Shiny toy personalized T-shirt EL sheet
The latest high-tech EL sheet (EL EL), it produced a variety of soft and thin design and LOGO logo, sewn plush toys or clothes, personalized T-shirt front or back, and then with the BB machine resembles compact electronic drive, the drive can be installed in the toys, the clothes can be hidden in the inside, and put on ordinary AAA7 battery, it produces a wide range of flash at night, dynamic special effects materials, flashing mode there are many different automatic and manual selection, is the world's plush toys, the most fashionable clothes, noble faction of products, selling to Europe, the Middle East, Africa and other countries in the world. Is the variety of large and medium-sized parties, bars, dance halls, sporting events, golf course and some lively scenes on a new dress, but also the best brand-name apparel companies choose promotional products, especially used in the sports arena, a large concert is the fans, fans with the best of a symbolic dress! Add festive atmosphere to the scene even more! It also won a priceless advertising value!
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